Applications will be accepted from any Talbot County Public Schools (TCPS) teacher, administrator or other staff member. Applications must be approved by a School Principal. Completed applications will be evaluated using the following guidelines:


The Grant Program of the Talbot County Public Schools Education Foundation (TCPSEF) awards funds to support innovative projects that will positively impact student learning and are aligned with the TCPS Strategic Plan.

Interdisciplinary or team teaching projects are accepted.

A detailed budget, which includes the total amount of grant funds requested, is an essential component of the grant application. The following restrictions apply:

  • Grant funds may not be used for salaries, childcare, or county funded textbooks.
  • All materials and equipment purchased with grant funds become the property of TCPS, not the individual teacher or grade level.
  • Each grant application must be approved by the applicant’s principal before it is submitted. This is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Each Grant application must also be approved by the Assistant Superintendent, Instruction.

Each approved grant application will be evaluated by the TCPSEF’s Grant Committee on the basis of the project’s creativity, benefit to students, and efficient use of funds.

Recommendation of awards will be made by the Grant Committee to the full Advisory Board and applicants will be notified of awards as grants are approved.

Grant funds are awarded to the school for the identified project on behalf of the applicant. If for any reason the project is not implemented by the end of the school year for which the grant is proposed, the grant funds will be forfeited and applicants must reapply.

Please note: any technology requested to meet the goals of your project must be supported, approved, and purchased through TCPS Technology Department. Grant recipients are required to submit a brief summary of the funded project/activity within thirty days of completion. This summary is to be sent to The Talbot County Public Schools Education Foundation c/o Debbie Gardner at the Talbot County Education Center. The summary must include, but is not limited to, the following information:

  • School name
  • Project name
  • Number of students involved
  • Names and positions of all TCPS personnel involved
  • Amount of grant award
  • Amount of funds expended
  • Amount and source of other funds used to support the project/activity
  • A narrative of how the grant impacted students and the outcomes achieved
  • You may also submit photos/videos of your project which may be included on the Education Foundation website, brochure, or printed materials

If you have questions, please contact Debbie Gardner at