This is an opportunity to recognize teachers who dedicate their lives to building young minds. They spend weekends writing lesson plans, take the time to put stickers on tests, stay late after school to run extracurricular clubs, and always have another essay to grade. Their energy and commitment to their students’ success reminds all of us that not all heroes wear capes.

We all have that one teacher who we still remember long after we’ve left school. The Honor a Teacher Program is a great way to say “Thank You” to those teachers and/or other TCPS staff who have a positive impact on students’ education and school experience.

Your gift will honor your child’s teacher and will help support the innovative and exciting programs that the Education Foundation will support in our schools through the Grants for Teachers program.

When you make a gift through this program, your honoree will receive a special certificate explaining why he or she is being recognized along with recognition in our staff newsletter and on TCPS social media and websites.

Gifts in any amount are welcome and much appreciated. All gift amounts are confidential and never disclosed to the honoree. It’s easy, just complete the form to the right and click "submit".

PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO THE MID-SHORE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION (MSCF) PAGE TO MAKE YOUR GIFT ON-LINE OR FOR INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAKING YOUR GIFT BY MAIL (All TCPS Education Foundation Funds are held by MSCF). Please indicate that your gift is designated for the TCPS Education Foundation funds.